About Us

Company Introduction

Teknologi Ukiran Zou Sin Sai Ga is the first ancestor carving shop in Malaysia. We established a small business in Pudu, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, back in 2014, then growing as Sdn. Bhd. ZSSG has 25 years of experience and professional knowledge before establishing a small business and has 32 years of historical background.

ZSSG is a specialist in handmade exquisite ancestral tablet niches. ZSSG upholds four core concepts which are natural materials, hand sorting, strict check, made with heart. Therefore we are favoured by the masses.

Why Choose Us?

The establishment of ZSSG brings innovation to the traditional label industry. We designed hundreds of styles of ancestral tablets to be provided with Feng Shui structure, natural materials. Creating a magnificent and solemn ancestral tablet niche, but at the same time retains the traditional value concept and does not allow its culture to deviate and lose its essential "soul".

ZSSG constantly adheres to the concept of “Make it yourself, Don't leave it to others, and Devote yourself entirely”, thus demonstrating the principle that “quality is more essential than quantity”. The majority of ancestor tablets are mass-produced in factories. Semi-finished products, etiquette commissioners, or religious teachers need only fill in the title and name of the deceased in the field on the tablet’s front and the date of death and right sides. The hand-carving tablet sector has gradually diminished in such an industrial environment.

At the same time, promote the concept of ZSSG to all parts of the country, even overseas, so that the customers' ancestors can rest in peace.

The ZSSG believed that the next generation would inherit the value of filial piety from the prior generation's ancestors. We shall also educate the next generation of young people on the significance of traditional Chinese religious culture. Thousands of years of Chinese culture will be lost as time passes. This is a serious issue that must be addressed.